Publication Key

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Regional Legend

The identification keys include notations indicating general regions, (N=north, C=central, S=south) in Florida where species are most likely to occur. These regions are presented pictorially below.


North Florida region Central  Florida regionSouth  Florida region

Individual Range/Distribution Maps

The locator maps provided with most species descriptions in this handbook are adapted from those of E.L. Little (1978) 'Atlas of United States Trees Vol. 5 - Florida', Miscellaneous Publication No. 1361. These maps indicate the approximate natural ranges (within Florida) of the species described. Many species, however, have been planted for commercial or ornamental purposes outside of their natural ranges. Finding specimens of certain species in locations outside of their natural ranges can be somewhat confusing, but may be expected.

Family Designations

Plant (and tree) classification is not static. As in most biological sciences, family, genus, and species classifications and designations are sometimes changed as new information becomes available. Family names for trees described in this handbook are based on the 'Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida' by Wunderlin & Hansen (2003) and appear at the bottom of the pages describing each species. Where family names have changed, currently accepted family names appear first and the previously recognized traditional family designation appears in parentheses.