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Forest Trees of Florida

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This current 2012 edition is the first to be issued by the Florida Forest Service under its new name. The Florida Forest Service was previously known as the Division of Forestry. This edition is dedicated to Dr. Ed Barnard, State Forest Pathologist. Dr. Barnard retired from the Florida Forest Service in June 2011, after more than 33 years service. He served as the driving force for the graphic layout and design contained herein.


Dear Floridian,

The Florida Forest Service is honored to publish the 22nd edition of “Forest Trees of Florida,” a comprehensive handbook displaying the wide variety of forest trees native to our state. In the following pages, you will find helpful information regarding the regional location and nomenclature of each tree species.

The Florida Forest Service consists of more than 1,250 dedicated employees working to protect and manage the forest resources of Florida and ensure they are available for future generations. The Forest Service’s Field Operations staff is located at 15 field units across the state and manage more than one million acres of State Forests for multiple public uses. In addition, the Forest Service also provides services to landowners throughout the state with technical information and grant programs.

It is my hope that “Forest Trees of Florida” will serve as a reminder to all Floridians of the responsibility we carry to preserve and protect the numerous species of trees and shrubs which find their home in Florida. With the help of the Florida Forest Service, we can remain good stewards of these beautiful state assets.

If you have any questions regarding this publication or would like to request copies, please contact your local Forestry Field Office.

Thank you.


Adam H. Putnam
Commissioner of Agriculture